Hello I am Susma – Berlin based VJ and grafic designer.

Visual Art

As a VJ, I combine my love of music with live visualizations at events to create audiovisual experiences. My spectrum of experience ranges from live performances on projectors, screens and LED walls, to architecture mapping and immersive spaces.

Grafic Design & Illustration

I like to get to the core of things and present the essence of information clearly and understandably.


My experience with a wide range of media enables me to bring a motif or topic to life and spread it in a variety of ways. I love to include handdrawn illustrations in my work.


I have gained professional experience in the development and implementation of campaigns from my work as campaigner and fundraiser. Therefore I understand design within its holistic context.




As a member of the Stream Team Berlin, I edit videos for live streams in real time and take on screen design or post-production for video clips. Together with my tech partner, we implement digital concerts, conferences and hybrid events.


Colors, shapes and design have always been part of my life. I took a few detours to professionalize these skills and learned a lot for my current work. If you want to know more about this, then you've come to the right place.


Can you imagine that my skills could fit your project? Or maybe you are not quite sure whether I can realize what you imagine.

Let's find out together!